I've been playing the bass since I was 16 years old and got my hands on a 1972 Fender Jazz Bass. As a kid, I had a series of unsuccessful piano and clarinet lessons, but the bass felt right immediately. From that point I was hooked. Music had chosen me. Long story short...a few years later I left college to join a touring rock band and have been obsessed with the bass ever since.
As Music Director and bassist with the Mountain Stage band for many years I had the amazing opportunity to play with literally hundreds of guest artists from virtually every genre of music. One week I could be playing jazz with Mose Allison, the next rocking out with Garth Hudson and Rick Danko. It was an education in music and music history. I learned to not be judgmental about musical styles, and learned how to play the right notes with the right feel.
Currently my gear includes a Roscoe Century Standard 5 string and a Lakland 4494 fretless 4 string. My Dad was a guitar maker (among other things) and made me several custom basses that I also play, mostly on recordings, as I don't like to travel with them. I play through an Ashley BP41 Bass Preamp from the early 1980s, and run a bi-amp stage rig with the low end going through two 15 inch Bag End speakers, and the high end through two 10 inch Ampeg speakers.