I began working as a pro musician in 1979 at age 22, went "on the road" with an established touring band called "The Pickers", based in Charleston, WV. We played a hybrid of country, rock and roots music, and it was a lucky introduction for me into the world of the working musician. The other guys were older, experienced pros, worked very hard at their craft and taught me a lot about the business of running a band. That morphed into a 6 piece folk/rock group called "Stark Raven", that featured violin and cello. We were together for 9 years and had a very successful touring career. After that I started touring with guitarist Steve Ferguson, an original member of the band NRBQ, and recorded an album with him (Mama Useapa) that featured Johnnie Johnson on piano and Terry Adams from NRBQ.

Parallel to all this was a second musical career with the Mountain Stage radio show, which started in 1983. Mountain Stage is a live 2 hour performance show that features guests from every musical genre. It's still heard across the country and is distributed by NPR.  Along with many of my bandmates, I joined the house band, and after a few years became the Musical Director, which meant working with artists beforehand to select and arrange material, charting the songs and leading rehearsals. In that time I worked with literally hundreds of artists --  people like Dr. John, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Mose Allison, Larry Coryell, Shawn Colvin, Sarah Maclachlan. To say it was an education would be an understatement. I had the chance to get "under the hood" of a lot of great music, and learned how to play and arrange music in many different styles.

By that point, it was the early 1990's and after making several albums I had become interested in the recording process. This was before digital recording had become common, and making records happened in big, expensive studios that used 2 inch tape. Luckily I had a couple of mentors who taught me the ropes and soon I was producing, recording and managing several local groups, mostly hard rock and punk. In 1995 I opened my own 24 track recording studio, and started going at recording full-time.

I came to Seattle in 1998, and soon got involved in radio as the host of the show "All Blues" on 88.5 KPLU Tacoma/Seattle. The Washington Blues Society has honored me with several awards for Best DJ, and in 2009 I received the "Keeping The Blues Alive" Award from The Blues Foundation.

Currently I am working with guitarist Dudley Taft, and produced his recent release "Deep Deep Blue". In April 2013 we recorded tracks for Dudley's next album with Grammy-award winning producer Tom Hambridge. These days I have a small home studio today that has everything I need to make great recordings, many of which are featured on this site.