Dudley Taft - Deep Deep Blue

"Astute, with a highly trained ear, John brings the ever-helpful objectiveness of the listener to the studio." - Dudley Taft
Deep Deep Blue was released in May of 2013 and features some excellent playing from drummers Chris Leighton, Scott Vogel and Jason Patterson, as well as keyboards from Eric Robert. The basic tracks were recorded at London Bridge and Studio X in Seattle, as well as Dudley's and my home studios. Dudley has been to rock school--he played with the 90's-era rock bands Sweetwater and Second Coming. Many rock guitarists have tried to make the transition to blues, in Dudley's case it's a best of both worlds situation. He brings the energy of rock'n'roll and the soul of a blues player. He has a great ear, amazing memory and knows when to shred and when to lay back in the groove.